Let Creativity Lead

Experiential Marketing in our opinion makes up the most exciting part of a marketing campaign. The opportunity to be creative, do new things, be nothing like the project you were working on last week  and at the same time having the ability to screw it up all too fast.

The fine balance between showcasing the product, brand while not letting it turn into a forced sales logo splattered event advert. It’s a challenge we as experiential marketers face day in day out and it’s our job as engaged marketers to make sure that we’re creating and doing good work, put simply.

“Would I want to stop and do/see/touch this event?”

Well here is a simple recipe for how to do that:

Ingredients you’ll need:

  • Brief
  • Highly creative people
  • Some big thinkers
  • A practical but ambitious person
  • Hard work with just enough time.

Great consumer engagement is like a cake, full of layers and measured. The brief, should be clear, with direct client input, state what they what to showcase, how they judge and measure success. Add liberal amounts of in depth product and brand knowledge, Sprinkle throughout your Creative People, – Start to mix and record the results. Whisk vigorously and remove all but three ideas, no more, no less.

Now expose to your Practical Person, allow them to fine tune to fit budgets and time. Only a little though, don’t let practicality and laziness can spoil the mix.

Keep asking is this mix as creative as then can be.

You now have the perfect mixture for your activation, guide your client through, listen and listen well they may not say exactly what they like or don’t but you’ll be able to hear if you listen really hard. Take your final mix, give it enough time, freedom, oversight and nurturing to rise into the best it can be.

It’s easy to kill creativity. Account Managers, Senior Account Managers, Producers, Finance People, New Business teams any of them can lose sight of the creative concept but trust in the process and let creativity lead.

It’s a skill making the disconnected connect.