Houstons Hottest Bars and Venues 2019

In my last post, I shared Houstons Private Event Venues and my favorite spots.  Here is the second set of locations I visited, these venues are cool, trendy bars, and restaurants in Houston.

Ramie LeBlanc, Professional Event Planner, TANTRUM Exp.


Hearsay Gastro Lounge – 218 Travis St. Houston, TX

Hearsay is one of the oldest buildings within Market Square and has withstood 2 fires. I loved visiting Hearsay Gastro Lounge the ambiance and décor within Hearsay is very chic, cozy and intimate. I was lucky to sit up in the Mezzanine and enjoyed the views, cocktails, and food.

Hearsay Gastro Lounge in Houston, TX


Conservatory – 1010 Prairie

Located in Downtown Houston, a cool hip underground food hall the atmosphere is next to none in Houston. You’re greeted by an Ice cream shop upstairs, follow the stairs down to 8 food & beverage options; The Pho Spot, Treacherous Leches, Easy Does It, El Burro, Arte Pizzeria, Moku Bar Untappd – 60 tap beer garden and my favorite Noble Rot Wine Bar.

Conservatory in Houston, TX


OKRA Charity Saloon – 924 Congress Ave. Houston, TX

A very trendy atmosphere located in the heart of Downtown Houston, what interested me about this bar was being known for donating its monthly proceeds to a local charity. For each cocktail purchased, guests would receive one ticket that they may cast their vote, that night, for one of four charities selected by OKRA’s members. The charities are all locally based. The charity with the most votes at the end of the month receives the next month’s proceeds.

OKRA Charity Saloon in Houston, TX


Tongue-Cut Sparrow – 310 Main Houston, TX

A speakeasy in Downtown Houston, located at the back of The Pastry War, is an exclusive 25 seat formal cocktail bar with sophisticated classic cocktails and has a cozy intimate ambiance. Definitely book a reservation to check this place out and make sure to get the best seat in the house… at the bar.

Tongue-Cut Sparrow in Houston, TX


Doris Metropolitan – 2815 S Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX

The best restaurant I’ve been to in Houston, the food was delicious, the bar was exquisite, service was spot on, the menu is a bit pricey but well worth it, the ambiance and décor make it a fabulous experience.

Doris Metropolitan in Houston, TX


Flying Saucer – 705 Main, Houston, TX

If you’re looking for a laidback tavern style bar that has numerous beers on tap and pub style food available for beer-enthusiasts to try. What makes this venue interesting is all the ‘saucers’ on the walls from past beer-enthusiast that have tried a certain number of beers.

Flying Saucer in Houston, TX


The Rustic – 1836 Polk St, Houston, TX

I passed The Rustic and decided to stop in, the curb appeal to this venue is very casual and inviting. Once entering The Rustic you’re greeted with by massive vaulted ceilings, encased with wood beams, and a large bar centrally located. The outdoor space has a large stage for live music acts and is set amongst several picnic tables and two lawn areas on either side.

The Rustic in Houston, TX


Henke & Pillot – 809 Congress Avenue Houston, TX

One of the oldest original buildings located in Downtown Houston, that has kept the original grocery store name. Henke & Pillot is a chicly designed 2 story venue with a beautiful large bar space, chandeliers, and velvet sofas. Make your way up to the second story for an open space private venue. Wonderful venue and conveniently located.

Henke & Pillot in Houston, TX


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