Virtual Reality for Museums and Schools


TANTRUM Lab creates Virtual Reality Experiences to help schools and museums connect, immerse, and teach their audiences. See below to read more about our projects for Museums and Schools.



TANTRUM Lab had the opportunity to work with the Lafayette Science Museum, with funding support from the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund. We built a Virtual Reality game to teach 5th Graders about Coastal Erosion on the Louisiana Coast.



The final result was a game that 5th graders and older could play to learn about coastal erosion, the VR map and interactive table were set in the real museum’s research library to add to the feeling of being at the museum.

The players before and after scores are recorded on the back end and we’re able to track improvement in the player’s skills as they learn about effective sea defenses.


Asset development started in 2D and quickly moved into 3D development. The game included voice over direction, multiple choice test, and VR interactive game.





Tantrum Lab partnered with the Lafayette Science Museum and LUS Fiber to create a Virtual Reality exhibit within the museum to teach locals about Fiber Internet and why it’s amazing and awesome that we have it in Lafayette.

The exhibit was a seated VR experience traveling to 3 different homes, set within 3 main time periods, illustrating the progression of the internet from 1992, the dial-up era to 2018 Connected Smart Homes. The main purpose of the VR exhibit was to teach users about the Smart Devices within a Connected Home and how Lafayette’s LUS Fiber Optic network enhances their capabilities.

The VR experience goes through 3 specific time periods and utilizes a gaze input to transport the user to each of the homes within that time zone. The portal between each journey is a virtual tube that plays music, displays posters and videos pertaining to that time period.

Journey 1 – 1992 – 1995 – Dial-Up Internet

Journey 2 – 1996 – 2008 – Broad Band Internet

Journey 3 – 2008 – 2018 – LUS Fiber Internet

The user could explore each of the homes while seated on a sofa, all of the decorative items within each home are relevant to the Cajun culture and the technology changed as the years progressed.




One of the most exciting projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on is the re-creation of the Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium, the Lafayette Science Museum came to TANTRUM Lab wanting to create a touch-screen tour of the old museum for their 50th Anniversary as an exhibit within the museum.

TANTRUM Lab got to work and partnered with Abell + Crozier Architects, who took the original blueprints from 1967 and made them into a workable CAD model for us.






From there we worked with the LSM, to come up with the areas we wanted to re-create; the Exterior of the Building, Discovery Room, Exhibit Hall, Alcove and the Planetarium.




TANTRUM was able to go through all the old photo slides with The Lafayette Science Museum to give us ideas so we would be able to re-create each of the exhibit spaces.


We sourced a fantastic 3D Artist, who helped enhance the aesthetic of each exhibit space to make it feel more authentic. We also incorporated interview footage clips with the “Les Deux Douzaines” and previous employees from the original LNHMP as clickable floating bubbles within the tour. The interviewees share their memories and experiences of working at the LNHMP. Being a part of this project was extraordinary and we’re honored to be able to create this project for our local community.