Ferrari North America

Ferrari California T Esperienza


TANTRUM partnered with Ferrari North America to plan and execute of 32 individual highly focused Ferrari California T driving experiences in every market in North America. The main objective of the Ferrari Esperienza was to emphasize the Ferrari lifestyle, but most importantly the car itself.


TANTRUM planned the event by sourcing and contracting over 32 individual venues, managing all on site activities, venues, catering, dressing the hostesses, guest check in, and hiring the event hostesses. We also appointed professional race car drivers to ride as the passenger with the customers, rather than salesmen. As guests experienced the Ferrari California T, TANTRUM created a unique custom video that was sent to guests post event on their own private website.


In total TANTRUM organized and planned over 32 individual 2 day events, completed over 1,400 individual test drives and created 1,200 unique personalized customer videos for each guest as a keepsake.

The lifestyle experience, unique customer videos and the extended driving experience surged pre-orders of the debut Ferrari California T.