SS+K came to TANTRUM with a challenging timeline to create and execute a series of guerrilla and pre paid activations around the 2016 Republican Primary debates. Requiring highly visible media coverage and a tailored activation with a provocative narrative designed to create a strong reaction.


The result was powerful. We secured space directly beside the Republican debate hall in Detroit, and in the driving snow signs were on buildings, school busses, street corners, and the local Detroit residents were all holding riot shields projecting our questions to the candidates about societal unrest and economical distress.

Building projection, a branded school bus and a high traffic location we took street teams with riot shields around Detroit and to the debate halls to stand and show our message.


The media coverage of the protestors with Riot Shields became a huge hit with the media and gathered national coverage. Seeing the local Detroit residents standing quietly with a riot shield posing the questions "Why are you afraid of me" became a powerful image of the debate that week.